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Written by Cherie Courtade   
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 03:00 AM

CybersecurityThe news has been full of stories about cyberattacks of late—cities and governments have fallen victim to ransomware attacks, and Colorado's Regis University was taken offline by a "malicious threat." It’s a reminder that electronic security is a crucial part of any organization.

Reading about libraries checking out materials using pen and paper may not seem like something that relates to your landscape company, but think about how much of your business relies on computers and the internet. Whether it’s a smart lock on doors, a spreadsheet of consumer data, or an electronic calendar, losing control or access to these tools could bring your workday to a crashing halt.

It’s not enough to simply install security software. Just as you talk about on-the-job safety and personal protective equipment, you should regularly talk about the importance of cybersecurity with employees. If you keep security and safety top-of-mind, you can lessen your risks.

An attack last year on the city of Allentown, PA—which left their system out of commission for weeks—was prompted by an employee mistake. As the New York Times reported, when the staffer “took a laptop with him while traveling, it missed software updates that might have blocked the malware. The employee unwittingly clicked on a phishing email, and when he returned to the office, the malware spread rapidly.”

If you keep customer information on file, you need to keep that data secure. It’s not just good practice; it’s the law. It’s also important to be sure your employees understand the security measures you’ve put in place.

The US Department of Homeland Security offers small businesses a Cybersecurity Resources Road Map and a number of fact sheets at

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