Landscape companies grew despite ongoing challenges Email
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Tuesday, October 12, 2021 02:00 AM

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Lawn & Landscape has published its annual State of the Industry report for the US landscape industry. The findings should come as no surprise to company owners: labor is in short supply, and there is more work available than most companies can take on. But despite the ongoing challenges and a slight decrease in revenue, more than three-quarters of respondents said that their companies saw a profit in 2020.

Confidence is up in the industry, with 74% of respondents saying that they were confident that their company would grow in 2021. The top pain points for companies were rising fuel costs and the ongoing labor shortage, followed by workers’ compensation costs and insurance costs. Pandemic-related concerns seem to be quickly fading, perhaps due to the outdoor nature of most of the industry’s work.

The median age of owners increased in tandem with the number of owners reported that they have an exit strategy for their business, though only a small number said that they were putting that strategy in place and preparing to sell.

It is helpful to note that more than half of the survey participants serve single-home, residential customers. The smallest number of respondents—just 4%—came from the Mountain region that includes Colorado. But while the Colorado landscape industry has unique benefits and challenges, many of the issues companies face are the same across the country.

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