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Wednesday, June 22, 2022 03:00 AM

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If you are working outside in the heat, be cautious and attentive to signals of your body. You are more likely to become dehydrated and get heat-related illness. If you feel faint or weak, STOP all activity and get to a cool place [Español]

To help protect people’s lives, CDC (Centers for Disease Prevention and Control) provides the following guidelines. More details can be found here.

  • Prevent heat illness with acclimatization. Gradually increase exposure to working in the heat over several days and know that acclimatization loses effectiveness if exposure not exposed for about a week or more.
  • Drink plenty of water, and don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink.
  • Avoid alcohol or liquids containing large amounts of sugar.
  • Wear and reapply sunscreen as indicated on the package.
  • Ask if tasks can be scheduled for earlier or later in the day to avoid midday heat.
  • Wear a brimmed hat and loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing.
  • Spend time in air-conditioned buildings during breaks and after work.
  • Encourage co-workers to take breaks to cool off and drink water.
  • Follow additional tips on how to prevent heat-related illness.

Learn to spot heat-related illness

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