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Monday, September 26, 2022 02:00 AM

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ALCC has made it a priority to engage and elevate more Latinos within the Green Industry. This includes both Latino-owned businesses and Latino employees across the industry. This year a committee was established, naming themselves the LatiKnow Leadership Committee. 

The committee has a strategic plan to help position the Latino community for more opportunities to advance within the industry. 

While the entire wish list will not be completed anytime soon, here are some future goals: 

  • Create a social group of existing and emerging Latino leaders and business owners in the industry. Social activities may include hosting happy hours or luncheons. 

  • Facilitate mentoring opportunities for Latino leaders and business owners. 

  • Provide more Spanish learning opportunities  

  • Steer the industry to be more bicultural and bilingual 

Breaking down and improving the cultural barriers for Latinos is a large goal of LatiKnow Committee.  

The Latino community will be stronger when people grow together by networking and partnering with others. 

This article appeared in Colorado Green magazine Sept./Oct., 2022 issue.

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