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Wednesday, October 26, 2022 02:00 AM

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Designscapes Colorado’s gift program changes children’s lives

During the 2021 ELITE Awards reception held last November, Designscapes Colorado, Centennial, was honored with the Community Stewardship award for their “Angels Among Us,” project. The project gives a present to pre-K, kindergarten, and first- and second-grade students who may not receive one during the holiday season. It started six years ago. Participation is offered to each employee, who can opt to take a child’s name from the list and donate a wrapped present with a spending limit of $25. Designscapes  Colorado has donated gifts each year to more than 100 students, along with a hat, glove and scarf set. The program demonstrates to th community that there are people who care about them and want to help, and it has become a major tradition for the company. 

“The Angels Among Us program here at Designscapes Colorado is one that I am most proud of,” says Charlene Farley Chacon, residential team manager. “It is such an amazing feeling to see the support and enthusiasm from all our team members who are truly happy providing so many children with gifts during the holiday season! It reaffirms the goodness in people, especially when at times the world and our lives are challenging.” Chacon recognizes that children are our future, and they don’t have a say in the economic situations they are brought up in. 

“Some of these children may not be able to experience the dreams of Christmas we see in the movies or envision providing for our own children,” she says. “One of Designscapes Colorado values is to ‘Build and Shape a Better Future’ and helping children feel love, joy and happiness is a way we are supporting this value.”

The Angels Among Us program not only positively affected many children, but impacted many teachers, changed the lives of the organization directors, and shaped the hearts of  Designscapes Colorado employees.

Employees are saying…

“Here at Designscapes Colorado, employees realize there is a need for help, especially around the holidays.  We may not have a lot ourselves, but we do have more than these kids. Angels Among Us reminds us that helping others is important and impactful.”  —Johnny Jimenez

“This program has impacted me by reminding me that regardless of who someone is or their situation I can help make their lives a bit happier.  I had help with I was a child, so now it is my turn to return that help.”  —Marissa Gonzalez.

“There are so many kids out there that need help. My favorite part of this program is giving the kids bikes. We rebuild used bikes to make them look new. Some kids have never had a bike. This is a blessing to be able to do each year” —Sandy Edwards

“I love to see the kids happy, regardless of who they are, their age, race or gender, these gifts bring happiness to them.”  —Juan Chavez


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