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Wednesday, March 25, 2015 05:19 PM


Manage like a baseball team--delegateThe manager of a baseball team can’t play all nine positions – and even if he could, he couldn’t handle them all at the same time. In order to maximize all the talent of the team, he can’t be one of the players because his job is to manage and delegate.

In the green industry and every kind of business for that matter, company leaders often want to be the pitcher and play short stop and then switch over to first base. Sometimes they like doing these jobs and hold on to them because they get a kick out of being short stop. But like the baseball manager, they need to delegate, train and trust the whole team to play the game to have a good season.

What holds people back from delegating?

Here are 4 common reasons why owners and managers won’t let go:

  • They fear losing control if they give up some of their tasks and responsibilities.
  • They don’t trust that others will “do it right.”
  • By the time they show others how to do something, they could have done it themselves.
  • They don’t want to stop doing tasks they enjoy – it’s fun playing shortstop!

On the other hand, if you’ve got a season full of games staring you in the face, you can wreck your success by not letting go. Here’s what delegating can do for you – and the team: 

  • It gets the job done.
  • It grows people by increasing their responsibility and valuable experience.
  • Others get to be involved – and valued for what they can do.
  • Productivity increases.
  • Managers get freed up to do other things that only they can do.

Here are the steps to letting go:

  • Pick the person who can take over a task or responsibility.
  • Plan how you will delegate that job.
  • Explain the job you want done (and what is not required), how well you want it done and when it needs to be done.
  • Discuss the plan for how this person will take over and answer all the questions.
  • Then let him or her do the job and be available to offer help.

Let go – have a winning season - and take your new team out to the ball game to celebrate.

Excerpted with permission Tom Borg Consulting, LLC.

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