Earth Day reminder: Green Strategies for Colorado Landscapes Email
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 08:08 AM


Earth DayOn Earth Day it’s timely to remind ourselves in the Green Industry that as creators and stewards of the built landscape, we have the utmost responsibility to give our personal and collective best to the environments we create and maintain within our communities. And it’s also appropriate for us to remind those within our circle of influence – the clients and customers whom we serve – that we promote and practice environmental stewardship.

What we do every day keeps outdoor spaces healthy, thriving and beautiful so that those landscapes, in turn, can clean our air, cool our buildings, provide recreational areas and generally, keep us healthy.

Do you need a tool to get this message out to those you serve?

Not long ago, ALCC’s Sustainability Task Force wrote Green Strategies for Colorado Landscapes to help member companies educate customers about the importance of following sustainable landscape practices. This brief document is written in plain English that communicates clearly and effectively how landscapes can be sustainable.

If you need help reminding clients what you believe and follow, share Green Strategies for Colorado Landscapes to let others know you support responsible and safe landscape practices that conserve our natural resources.

Are you trying to be more sustainable as a business? Consider becoming an ALCC Sustainable Landscape Partner. You don’t have to pass a test, meet a particular standard or swear that you’re doing 10 sustainable practices. All you need to do is be committed to taking sustainable steps to make your business more sustainable starting from where you are right now. Sustainable Partners exist to help you learn from each other, to be inspired by what your peers are doing and to increase your presence within the marketplace.

Consider becoming a Sustainable Landscape Partner this year and move your business closer to the sustainable goals you want to achieve.

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