Get involved with ALCC’s Sustainable Landscape Management Initiative - Become an Instructor!

ALCC will soon be debuting the Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM) program.  The program focuses on sustainable landscape maintenance standards and will include the Sustainable Landscape Management publication and certificate program. The training and certificate program consists of a 4-hour workshop and a 50 question exam. Upon passing the exam, participants gain the certificate, which qualifies them as a sustainable landscape management professional in Colorado. 

SLM has been endorsed by 15 member companies and suppliers to date. We are confident that participation in the SLM program will be a valuable benefit for the attendee, the landscape company as an employer, and promote the overall goal of increasing sustainability for the future of Colorado through the landscape industry.

We are preparing for the upcoming educational component, which is the 4-hour session and testing.  The program is based on the book and curriculum written by Janet L. Waibel who is a landscape architect and certified arborist in Arizona. 

In order to provide the best benefit for our members and their employees, we are assembling a team of instructors to teach the 4-hour sessions.  The instructors will be responsible to present the prepared curriculum to attendees with the goal of increasing knowledge, awareness, and skills for practical application in the field. Qualifications for an instructor include:

  • Minimum 5 years of practical experience working in the landscape and irrigation industry.
  • Functional knowledge regarding horticulture, irrigation, landscape chemicals, professional practices in safety and dealing with customers as well as foundational knowledge in supporting and peripheral topics relevant to the landscape maintenance business as are included in the SLM Manual.
  • Familiarity with day to day operations of a landscape maintenance business and professional.
  • Ability to teach this information with confidence, enthusiasm, and conviction.
  • Comfortable with impromptu questions and the ability to share experiences that will help educate attendees and improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Ability to teach in a classroom setting, from a screen/monitor using a prepared curriculum, to a group of approximately 30 attendees.
  • Commitment to participating for a minimum of 3-years.  Teaching responsibility will be shared among several instructors on a rotating basis, with the number of teaching sessions to be determined and depending on how many sessions will be offered in the course of a year.
ALCC will provide a stipend to instructors per class taught. If you are interested in being an SLM instructor, please contact Melissa Emdin at 720 307-5092 or [email protected] by Sept. 13. We anticipate hosting our first class in fall 2019. 


SLM sponsors:
CPS Distributors

Hunter FX/Luminaire