April 2019

Matt Hiner

We have a lot to celebrate since last month:

• The ELITE Awards recently recognized some of the best work in the Colorado landscape industry;
• The Volunteer Service Awards saluted four amazing individuals who have helped elevate our industry;
• ALCC scholarship recipients were announced at our annual awards event;
• CSU made Colorado proud as the host (and Top 10 participating school) of the National Collegiate Landscape Competition; and
• Our members continue to represent the best of the industry on a local and national level.

But at ALCC we are not content to merely celebrate our achievements. We are continually looking for the next challenge and finding ways to raise the level of professionalism in the Colorado landscape industry.

Working together is key to our success. Our actions reflect upon one another, and by talking with peers we can help each other be better. For example, we all know the pain of filling open positions on our crews. But poaching employees is not the answer. In the short term, a phone call to a fellow landscape company owner can go a long way to resolving that issue. In the long term, I encourage you to become involved with the Landscape Career Pathways program so that we can bring new, experienced young people into our industry to fill positions.

Advocacy is another great way to support the industry and each other. From local sales tax issues to the federal H-2B visa program, there is legislation that needs your input both as a citizen and as a landscape professional. I urge you to take this survey and find out how you can help further legislation that will allow businesses to thrive and to do great work. Whether it’s tweeting to your legislator or visiting the capitol to testify, we need everyone’s help for legislative success.

I understand how busy we all can be at this time of year, but I ask each of you to find the time to help yourself and your peers be more successful this spring.

Matt Hiner
Hiner Landscapes, Colorado Springs
ALCC Board President

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