September 2021

Phil Steinhauer, Designscapes Colorado

For the green industry, autumn represents an ideal time to reconnect with peers, with employees, and with the housekeeping tasks that we’ve delayed as we focused on our clients. As we head toward the start of autumn, many of us shift focus to “the business of the business.” The busy season is slowing, and we [hopefully] have a bit of time to work on preparing for the final quarter of the year and closing out the season.

In order to support the landscape industry, this shift in focus means that ALCC’s “busy season” is just beginning. Next month the board will work with staff to establish goals for the next year. In-person events are back, from networking events in the chapters to boot camp for technicians. The ELITE Awards reception will be held in November after a delay due to COVID restrictions on gatherings.

I encourage you to join me at an ALCC mixer, workshop, or meeting. Interacting with industry peers is invaluable. The ELITE Awards reception is not only an opportunity to celebrate the excellent work that we do, but it can also be one of the most valuable networking events you’ll attend this year.

Whether you want to share your own knowledge or ask peers for support, there is opportunity in becoming more involved with ALCC.
This time of year is also a good time to recognize your team for their efforts. Acknowledging the hard work that our staff and crews do can go a long way. Employees who feel valued are more likely to remain on the team for years to come. They can also be your best recruiters. Happy employees can help with recruitment through word of mouth and by representing your company in the community as a great place to work.

Once you’ve strengthened those connections to the people who help your company thrive, you can tackle the behind-the-scenes work of running a successful business. Let ALCC know how we can support you; your success is our mission.


Phil Steinhauer
Designscapes Colorado, Centennial
ALCC Board President