June 2023

May whizzed right by and brought in June in a hurry! The rain has been very welcomed for water conservation and storage but made the month of May hard to keep a schedule which we all need this time of year. As June enters there are a lot of things to think about. 

Being the ALCC board president gives me the opportunity to talk to and interact with many companies from Southern Colorado to the North and from the Western slope. We have a diverse association of members. Many companies use H-2B (seasonal work visa program). There is a plethora of reasons we all should support this program. Just like our support for our Association (ALCC) we need to support the H-2B program. When companies are unsure if they will get their workers, it puts more pressure on the pool of applicants looking to work in our field. When more companies are pulling for the same applicants and can leave companies without enough staff for the summer months. When companies cannot get their workers, it causes more pressure on the vendors to help fill voids and gaps of staffing. When companies cannot get their workers, it can cause companies to let go of maintenance contracts which then puts strain on other companies to pick those up when they may or may not have enough equipment or staff to do so. When companies cannot get their workers, it can lead to higher accidents in a company which can lead to higher insurance premiums for all similar contractors (with same agencies) in the area (similar to a fire or flood can do to homeowners insurance) When companies cannot get their workers they don't buy as much new equipment which can put a strain on used parts and leave dealers with extra equipment. As most of these may not pertain to every business, they are real. My ask of our membership is to just be part of the push and part of the solution to ensure there is a fix for H-2B. It's usually very simple and only takes a few minutes. H-2B is not part of every company but it's a huge part of our industry and we need all hands to help. 

 Being involved in our association, our industry and our community is how we can raise the bar for all. Being present for the communities we serve is crucial to raising professionalism for all. You never know who is watching and who will be impressed and thankful for the work we do! So, get involved where you can!

When I got involved in ALCC it was because I wanted to be part of the professionals, the guys and gals that knew what they were doing! Set out to be the BEST!


Zak George, CLT
Zak George Landscaping
ALCC Board President