January 2023

Coming off the high of ProGreen EXPO is such a great time of year for us all! It’s renewing to see other colleagues in the industry, expanding our industry knowledge through education and also seeing all the fantastic new equipment to help with labor whoa’s. Every year I gain those little nuggets of info that help move the needle for our organization. I hope you were able to take advantage of the many offerings ProGreen had! With production slower in February it’s a great time to focus on sharpening our minds and our toolboxes. I encourage you to take advantage of the continued industry education before the production season gets here!

Raising the bar on industry professionalism is something we are all responsible to help with! All too often I hear about the “bad players,” in the market! I encourage you to get these “bad players,” to join ALCC. The strength of the organization is good for all parties. More educated companies leads to better competition and enhanced professionalism. It's our duty as professional companies and individuals to help spread the word about ALCC and the strength in numbers!

For those of us that love snow, let's keep it coming!


Zak George, CLT
Zak George Landscaping
ALCC Board President