January 2020

Mike Moore, Diggable Designs

Meet ALCC’s incoming board president, Mike Moore of Diggable Designs Landscape Construction. He spoke with us about his path to the landscape industry, his ALCC involvement, and his plans for his term leading the board of directors.

How did you find yourself in a landscape career?
I found the landscape industry through a series of unplanned opportunities. While I was a student at Colorado State University (CSU), I took a summer landscaping job with friends on a whim. I enjoyed the hard work and manual labor.

At the same time, I had a little too much fun as a college freshman, and my grades suffered. Because of those grades, I was last in the registration line, leaving me with few choices for classes my sophomore year. All that was left for a science course was Plant ID, so I registered and found it to very intriguing and knew I was interested in learning more. I pulled this thread further and found the Landscape Horticulture department.

That year, I found my career path. I also met my now-wife and business partner, Jessica, in a woody plant ID class. We both earned Landscape Horticulture degrees—mine in Nursery and Landscape Management, hers in Landscape Design and Contracting.

After graduation, I became a full-time landscape foreman at the design/build firm I worked at throughout my college summers. Soon after, I joined Jessica in California, where she’d begun an internship at Jensen Corporation (now Monarch Landscape). I became a superintendent with Jensen learning how big corporations handle landscape work in a big city like San Francisco. Working with a large corporation gave me experience with big budgets, big plants, big machines, and a lot of subcontractors.

That experience in San Francisco served me well when I returned to Colorado and eventually opened my business. I feel that it’s helped me run a small company with a big mindset.

I began that company, Diggable Designs Landscape Construction, in 2010 with Jessica and with Dylan Hicks. We’ve grown over the years, and in 2019 grew even more as we acquired Gardenz from, fellow ALCC member and volunteer, Marie Peacock.

How did you find ALCC?
I joined ALCC as soon as our business was formed: we registered with the state, got a tax ID number, and we signed up with ALCC. I first learned about ALCC through CSU, and it just seemed obvious and natural that we’d become members if we wanted to seriously engage in what we were embarking on.

What keeps you involved with ALCC?
I’m a high-activity person. Every year, there are opportunities to stay engaged with something that is bigger than my company. I enjoy networking and meeting my peers in the industry, so I love happy hours and the social side of membership. I love being involved with Day of Service projects, which serve a cause even bigger than ALCC.

Though board service, I’ve become friends with many other people in the industry who come from all different businesses and backgrounds. Working with them has been powerful and impactful yet very casual and easy-going.

The more I put in, the more I get out of my ALCC membership.

What do you do when you aren’t working?
In the last year, Jessica and I built a new home where we live with our two daughters, Ruby, age 5, and Leyla, nearly age 2, in Lakewood. After a busy year of building the home, moving, and expanding our business, I look forward to spending more time with them in our new home, enjoying the outdoors and watching our kids grow.

Outside of my time with them, my biggest, personal hobby is my band, Weather Big Storm. I enjoy performing in the Denver area with them and spending time trying to build my creative-side (thankfully, Jessica and the designers handle most of that at Diggable!).

What are your plans and goals for your term as board president?
This year is a big year for the Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM) Colorado initiative. I look forward to being a voice for that. There are always a lot of projects happening at ALCC: Landscape Career Pathways, legislative advocacy like H-2B reform, and educating consumers. But now that we’ve established the SLM program, I look forward to working with the board and other volunteers to get wheels under it and get it moving.

Mike Moore
Diggable Designs Landscape Construction, Lakewood
ALCC Board President