December 2023

And just like that it's December. 2023 has been a busy and confusing year to say the least. From fears of potential recession to the fear of housing prices dropping. Thankful we have not had either happen. However, being a true optimist, I have a very strong outlook on 2024! 

Looking back on 2023, a lot has happened that we can be thankful for. From record attendance at ProGreen EXPO to numerous successfully held boot camps and trainings including SLM and SLC. A phenomenal golf tournament and the first ever sporting clays tournament! Excitingly, the new ALCC office and training facility is now open and don’t forget trips to lobbying in DC for H2-B. From Colorado water task force to constant talks of water conservation. One thing for sure. We adapt and we change every year. We get better, we do more with less, we fight for what we have, we push to the end EVERY single year. It’s that constant fight and that constant push that keeps us all coming back every year. This year has been one to remember and I am thankful to be part of the board at the state level and represent our industry! 

Those of us that constantly invest in our craft, our industry and our team continue to win! The word for 2024 will be adaptability! Those of us that can adapt quick and consistent will be the ones to win!  One thing is for sure, we cannot stop working together as an industry to raise the bar every day. I hope to see many of you at Pro-Green this season. My closing ask as president is this one thing -----> please keep asking other companies to join ALCC and mentor the younger professionals in our industry. 

Safe travels and God bless!


Zak George, CLT
Zak George Landscaping
ALCC Board President