September 2019

Matt Hiner

What a summer it’s been! The season has definitely been a busy one for most of us. I hope you are keeping your head up and managing your workload.

Business is good, but that can result in new challenges as the labor shortage continues. We are all feeling the effects of that, but we at ALCC continue to work to support the H-2B program and the Landscape Career Pathways program around the state.

At my company, projects are smaller in size this summer, but there are a lot more of them. Revenue is up, but it’s still been adjustment for us to deal with far more clients than we’ve had in the past.

I credit the strength of my team for making this summer a success. Together, we kept focused on our core values and kept a positive attitude. We’re always trying to get better, and their dedication made the busy days fun.

As we head into fall, I look forward to a strong finish to the year for my team and for ALCC. We keep moving forward with Sustainable Landscape Management Colorado (SLM), and we are closer to having classes and testing confirmed. We welcome your participation in this initiative; our success is dependent on the support of our membership. We are, as always, stronger together.

Matt Hiner
Hiner Outdoor Living, Colorado Springs
ALCC Board President