March 2020

Mike Moore, Diggable Designs

Wow, it’s March already! Like many of you, I’m gearing up for another strong busy season. I’m taking some deep breaths, getting a pulse on my options and trying to keep a cool head. It’s easy to let the challenges cloud our focus, but if we rely on the strengths of our current, reliable team, we can adapt to those challenges and turn them into opportunities.

I feel like my leadership team has worked on the discipline behind a successful business: get lean and mean, focus on recruitment and retention, embrace technology, and diversify your service portfolio. The labor shortage is still a huge pain point for most of us, but we are learning to recognize opportunities to do more with less.

And while doing more with less can put our time at a premium, I still find value—and I hope you do as well—in supporting the Landscape Career Pathways program. Working with young people in our school systems has been rewarding, and I can justify the time spent because I know that it is creating a pipeline for students to enter our industry ready to hit the ground running. I encourage you to contact ALCC to learn how you can get involved; together we can ease the pain of the labor shortage and encourage the next generation of our industry. They are the people who will continue the legacy we are building today.

As for the here and now, my approach this spring is to be nimble. I will pause and analyze big decisions such as expansion, equipment purchases, taking on a job outside of our expertise, etc. As primarily a design/build firm, we will work to identify opportunities and existing employees that I can possibly shift in short notice to expand our service department. I will communicate to my team and make sure they are aware we are monitoring the situation, adjusting our work strategy to respond to consumer demands, and that we are steadfast in our commitment to provide quality services to our customers.

I try to live my life—and run my business—in the now, while keeping an eye on the future and remembering lessons from the past. Be well friends.

Mike Moore
Diggable Designs Landscape Construction, Lakewood
ALCC Board President