November 2019

Matt Hiner

Last month, ALCC leadership came together for a weekend of discussion and strategy at the annual fall forum. It is always a great time to catch up with peers and spend time with friends and like-minded people. Many great ideas were shared, and ALCC staff will work with the board to find ways to implement these ideas to improve your businesses.

Over the two days, two areas of opportunity kept coming up in conversation: the next generation and hands-on training. We are already hard at work to find the best ways to address them.

Through new and existing programs, we continue to develop methods to attract the younger generation to our industry. We need to demonstrate the excitement and rewards found in a career in landscaping. Elevating the image of our industry and demonstrating our professionalism builds a positive reputation for green industry careers. Looking for a way to contribute today? Be sure to tag ALCC on social media when you have a big announcement or a good example of the great work your team does.

Forum participants also stressed the need for hands-on training and safety training. If we are determined to bring new workers into our industry, we must have a system in place to train them in the necessary skills for success. The Landscape Career Pathways program continues to work within the education system to develop young landscape professionals, and other programs are being developed to help adults who are interested in a career change.

The theme of this year’s forum was change. More accurately, we explored how we can adapt to change—changes in technology, in education, in consumer preferences, and even in our society. Throughout ALCC’s history, this has been an ongoing effort. We continue share our knowledge and resources to strengthen our industry, grow our businesses, and improve our built environments based on the current climate.

Matt Hiner
Hiner Outdoor Living, Colorado Springs
ALCC Board President