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ALCC is a trade association serving Colorado's landscape community. Our mission is to help Colorado’s landscape companies have successful businesses. We deliver the most relevant business building information and skills to landscape companies at all points of the business cycle. Our aim is to be the ultimate resource for landscape companies who want to build successful businesses. We embody best practices of business management and leadership, we stay on the cutting edge and in-tune with emerging trends; and we deliver value to members. Learn more about membership.

ALCC also provides useful information to homeowners, property managers, urban/suburban dwellers, rural landowners and passionate gardeners statewide. For more than 50 years, ALCC has helped the built landscape survive in Colorado while promoting responsible use of water and other resources. Our member companies are experts in the landscape industry.  A variety of landscape endeavors are best left to the experts, and we've provided guidelines for knowing when to engage with one of our professional members. You'll also find our member directory useful in helping to choose the right landscape company for your needs.

Landscape Career Pathways

ALCC understands that the labor shortage is the single biggest obstacle faced by landscape companies right now. The Landscape Career Pathways Program was developed to fill the skills gap and to introduce young people to the career opportunities in the landscape industry. The program teaches and trains high school students so they can be job-ready upon graduation.

The program is currently active in twelve high schools in Colorado. Teachers receive training from industry volunteers. Additionally, the program has offered irrigation boot camp to teach basic irrigation concepts in just six weeks.

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Certification changes are coming!

ALCC is licensed by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (formerly PLANET) to offer the test. The same test is administered to exacting standards internationally. The Landscape Industry Certified Technician test allows individuals in the landscape industry to establish a personal performance benchmark that is recognized throughout the United States and Canada. Big changes are coming to the testing format in 2020, making it important for those already pursuing certification to complete testing in 2019.

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