Looking for your next career move? Landscaping is a great option!

Find a job now

Despite unprecedented unemployment as a result of the pandemic, landscape companies continued to operate as essential businesses, and many are busier than ever. That means that many ALCC member companies across Colorado are hiring now, and that means good opportunities for many displaced workers. For some positions, experience is not needed. Employers will help you learn new skills and begin a new career path with opportunities for advancement. 

Landscape companies are here to stay

As the pandemic and related stay-at-home orders forced the shutdown of most businesses, landscape crews were able to continue work. The ability to work outdoors allows them to continue delivering services that do more than just look great. Landscapes contribute to the health and safety of our communities, especially those who use our outdoor spaces. Maintaining those outdoor spaces supports a way of life that is uniquely Colorado and is what attracts so many to our state.

Find a new career that fuels your passion 

Get better acquainted with our industry's diverse career paths and find an opportunity that could be satisfying for you at www.landscapeindustrycareers.org. Take a quiz to match you with the right landscape industry position, see what a day in the life of a lawn care professional looks like, and see what kind of salary you might earn.

To take your career to the next level--check out our Landscape Industry Certified Technician Program.

View our career links to explore, or learn more about the Landscape Career Pathways Program, which connects young people to career opportunities in the industry.

You can also find landscape companies near you using our member search. Many ALCC member companies are always looking for new talent. Introduce yourself today--you might find your new career path!

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