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Monday, September 26, 2022 03:00 AM

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How suppliers can support your business
Pioneer Contractor Services helps mitigate labor shortage 
According to Ben Powell, vice president procurement and strategic accounts at Pioneer Landscape Centers, the company answered “the call in the market” to help with the labor shortage when it launched Pioneer Contractor Services this year. 
“We are known for providing great value on materials,” Powell says. “Now we not only deliver to the site; we place material on the site exactly where it belongs.” The service saves time and labor hours by eliminating driving time for contractors to drive to a hub to pick up materials. Additionally, since Pioneer uses blower trucks to place materials such as soil, mulch and even small aggregate, additional labor and time for placement is avoided for the contractor. “While Pioneer is placing the mulch or other materials, workers at the site can focus on to other activities.” 

“Contractors are jumping at the service and the cost savings,” Powell shares. The service targets large commercial mulch and soil installments, green roofs, playgrounds, and more. 

Powell says contractors also benefit from the economies that Pioneer brings since contractors are purchasing materials straight from source. “We make our own mulch and soil mixes, and operate our own quarries.”  

Investment for Pioneer 

To provide services for the new division, Pioneer first invested in new blower trucks with the latest technology—hopefully four by 2023—and hired a few new team members to staff the business unit and operate the trucks. “There is a lot of synergy between the new division and the existing infrastructure at Pioneer Landscape Centers,” Powell says. “For example, we already operate a fleet of over 200 trucks and have our own diesel shops for maintenance. 

Partnerships are key 

For Pioneer, the new service demonstrates how the company is growing alongside its landscape partners. “Developing partnerships with our landscape professionals is what really matters,” Powell emphasizes. “When there is a strong partnership and we care about each other, we all win.” 

This article appeared in Colorado Green magazine Sept./Oct. 2022 issue.

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