Straight talk on the landscape industry Email
Monday, September 22, 2014 02:14 PM

Jim McCutcheon, PLANET

What’s the outlook for Colorado’s landscape industry in terms of greatest threats and best opportunities for the next 5 to 10 years? What defines success – growth, profitability, consistency? How fair are wages in the green industry? What’s the role of sustainability? How will technology shape how we do business?

How do your answers to these questions fit in with what others are saying?

The best perspective on what matters most within the industry comes out of what you know from your own experience – and how it is buffered by the experience of others. Is your number 1 issue the same as that of the company across town? What about the guy 5 states away?

ALCC's CEO Exchange on November 5th is your chance to bounce your take on the industry off of 4 panelists with their own unique perspectives on the industry. Three of them do business in Colorado:

John Alderman – supplier – is President and CEO of DBC Irrigation Supply
Zachary Johnson – landscape designer/architect owner of Green Ink Designs and also professor at Colorado State University in the Landscape Design & Contracting program
Mike Leman – landscape company owner - President of Singing Hills Landscape.

Plus, gain national perspective from Jim McCutcheon (pictured) - President and CEO, High Grove Partners, Atlanta, GA, who is also the volunteer President of PLANET’s board of directors. His position of national leadership affords him a more global outlook.

The discussion will be moderated by Dean Murphy, ALCC’s 2014 Board President and CEO of Terracare Associates. He will direct the discussion about threats and opportunities now and into the future, our responsibility to the workforce, how we collectively handle fly-by-nights, what defines success – and more.

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