What do landscape companies and football teams have in common? Email
Tuesday, September 23, 2014 02:14 PM

Landscape business is like football

Football teams and landscape companies require leadership, dedication, commitment and a strong work ethic in order to succeed.

Just like football coaches, landscape leaders must take on many roles to ensure everyone on the team works together to achieve important goals and make operations run smoothly. There are many ways we all play a similar game – besides the fact that both games are mostly played outdoors.


Coaches research opponents, develop game plans and choose the best lineup of players who will help the team win. Landscape companies also research the competition and set a strategic framework for the organization. They work hard to find top talent who will help them execute the plan and gain a competitive advantage.

During the game
Head coaches make adjustments and shift their tactics to position their team to score and to win. They consult with assistant coaches on what plays to run. They survive penalties, argue with the referees, ignore the noise and push ahead. That’s also how good landscape companies roll.

Good companies play by the rules though not always agreeing with the referees (attorneys, bankers, accountants). They also make strategic moves and self-correcting adjustments. They survive the hard knocks and strive to repeat successful plays. The winning score adds up one customer at a time.

Post-game/post-season wrap up
When the game’s done, coaches and players review the footage. Which plays and strategies worked best? How do we change to execute better next time? Post-season, how will we use this off-season to be better next year? How will players use it to hone their skills? Who will we go after in the draft?

It’s the same for landscape firms. And even though football season is still gearing up, we’re about to gear down. Post-game, off season, down time is just ahead. What’s your post-game plan?

Will you be giving your team serious down time to mentally replay the footage, analyze the penalties and figure out how to execute better next season? Will there be group training and personal coaching to improve individual skills? Will there be revisions to the play book that will maximize team strengths? Will you be actively recruiting better players to fill the gaps?

There can always a better season ahead.

We appreciate the thought leadership of business blogger Paul Lester whose comparisons of football and entrepreneurship inspired this article.

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