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Tuesday, August 22, 2023 12:00 AM

Colorado Green Now

Legislative wins for GreenCO in 2023  

Hicks & Associates reviewed every bill that was introduced to determine the possible effects it could have on GreenCO and business.  

GreenCO tracked over 40 bills this session and with the help of the Legislative Committee were able to take a deep dive into the bills and take positions on multiple pieces of legislation.  

GreenCO collaborated closely with the General Assembly but also with the agriculture industry, construction industry, and general business groups, throughout the session on multiple pieces of legislation.    

This session the top priority for GreenCO was the Pesticide Applicator Sunset bill. Pesticides has been a hot topic at the Capitol for the past few sessions, especially as it pertains to local preemption. GreenCO continues to work with CRPA (Coloradoans for Responsible Pesticide Application) and other industry partners on all things pesticide related. As we continued to be proactive, GreenCO helped host a Pesticide Applicator Advocacy Day at the Capitol, where we spoke with members of the legislature to discuss the Sunset bill/pesticide regulation as well as educate them on who we are. This proved to be very beneficial as we were engaged on the two pieces of legislation regarding pesticides.    

SB23-192 Sunset Pesticide Applicators’ Act was up for renewal this year. GreenCO and CPRA have been working on this sunset over the last year. In working with the coalition, we kept our messaging pointed and fact/science-based on the issues. As we stood together, we attended multiple stakeholder meetings, both prior to the session and during the session, and were able to get this bill passed without local preemption. 

The conversation around water has been ongoing over the past few years but the General Assembly hasn’t passed a great deal of legislation to address the ongoing water issues in the state. Coming into the session water was a top priority and there were multiple bills introduced and passed to try and get a grip on the water issues throughout the state. 

SB23-178 Water-wise landscaping in Homeowners’ Association Communities will remove barriers to water-wise landscaping in HOA communities. This will allow for more landscaping options within HOA’s along with helping with the water issue by allowing drought tolerant plants and landscaping. The bill requires an association to permit the installation of at least 3 garden designs that adhere to the principles of water-wise landscaping.  

Each year there are more and more pieces of legislation that address climate change and our greenhouse gas emissions within the state. Thank you to all the members on the GreenCO Legislative Committee for your hard work and involvement in this session. 

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