Big Sky gets unexpected community service project Email
Wednesday, December 10, 2014 12:00 AM

Big Sky Renewal service projectBrian Dougherty with Big Sky Renewal got a call from Denver Police in October asking if he would help replace a stolen tree and he jumped at the community service project. 

From the moment he got the phone call, Dougherty was committed to make it right.  A pine tree had been removed from a 20-year-old park that had once been an abandoned gas station. 

Over the years, nearby resident April Crumley gave her own time and money and with help from other donors and volunteers, cleaned up the site to create a neighborhood park. There was no fundamental design, but over time a park emerged from whatever materials and energy were available.  It includes a variety of plants, flagstone, a bench and until October, a pine tree as its centerpiece.Dougherty says he likes to find ways to give back to the community and when the police called, his reply was, “Absolutely, I can help out.” 

He took Crumley to a nursery to select a replacement tree.  Big Sky donated a 9-foot tree to replace the stolen 4-foot one. 

The company has also committed to maintain the park for the next year.  Crumley is concerned that without proper maintenance, the city may view the park as a nuisance and want the property sold.  By providing maintenance Dougherty hopes Big Sky can assure the park’s ongoing presence in the neighborhood. The park is a “hodgepodge,” says Dougherty, and he looks forward to making improvements that are more in line with Crumley’s vision.

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