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Monday, May 27, 2024 12:00 AM

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Now's the time to plant 'Windwalker' big bluestem for a stunning fall show

Spring/early summer is the best time to plant native grasses for a great summer and fall garden show, and you can’t go wrong with Andropogon gerardii PWIN01S ‘Windwalker’ big bluestem.

While most big bluestem varieties exhibit varying shades of green, ‘Windwalker’ stands out for its distinctive soft blue color, with narrow, arching light blue leaves accented with a subtle maroon tint in the spring. Its graceful foliage not only complements other garden and landscape plants but also evokes the rich texture of tall grass prairies.

Designers will find ‘Windwalker’ particularly appealing for its ability to enhance garden displays. The soft blue foliage serves as a perfect backdrop for big bluestem flower heads, accentuating their texture and harmonizing with the surrounding colors, especially those of light purple flowering plants. 

As autumn approaches, ‘Windwalker’ undergoes a stunning transformation, turning a rich burgundy hue. This fall coloration adds visual interest to the garden without overshadowing other plants—except when backlit by the warm glow of late afternoon sunlight. These moments offer a profound connection to the beauty of the landscape and a sense of belonging in our steppe region.

‘Windwalker’ big bluestem is a must-have addition to any garden, especially if you cherish light purple blooms. Its unique attributes, from the delicate blue foliage to the striking fall coloration, elevate the aesthetic appeal of garden landscapes while celebrating the beauty of native plants. Embracing ‘Windwalker’ is a step toward creating landscapes that resonate with the spirit of our region.

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