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Thursday, April 09, 2015 04:18 PM

A thief can pop an OEM door lock in less than 30 seconds and be driving your truck and trailer away in less than a minute. And hot wiring a piece of equipment can take even less time. That’s why removing ignition keys and locking doors is not enough to keep vehicles safe.  

Season start-up is downright hectic.  Your people are moving fast and so are thieves who want what you have.  Taking a few steps to safeguard vehicles is equipment are critical and here are a few reminders

Tracking. With GPS the location of an asset can be tracked every three seconds and if it is moved, an email or text can alert you.  Depending upon the tracking system used, it is possible to activate the security device when the asset is moved beyond a certain area, turn on or turn off the engine and more. If you don’t have a tracking system in place, consider it.

Lot security. Use locks, alarms, lights and security cameras whenever possible. Keep vehicles in lots behind chain link fences and in well-lit and even patrolled lots, if possible.

Job site awareness.  Avoid keeping expensive equipment in the open on job sites.  If you have an open trailer, park it in view of the crew, secure equipment while not in use and cover equipment with tarps so what you have is not so visible.   Try to have people regularly check on the vehicle because having someone show up randomly can help deter thieves.

Back up security with solid record keeping.  

  • Make copies of vehicle registrations and insurance.  
  • Keep titles locked safely away and keep a log VIN numbers.  
  • Take photos of all sides of vehicles and costly equipment.  
  • Keep extra copies of these records in another safe location away from the office as part of your disaster plan.   

Info courtesy Total Landscape Care and ProPickup magazine.

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