garvey award recipients
Written by Melissa Emdin   
Friday, March 29, 2013 02:26 PM

John Garvey Person of the Year Award recipients

Established in 1997, the John Garvey Award is ALCC’s “Person of the Year.” It was named after John Garvey, CLT, in honor of his contributions and leadership in building the permanent CLT test site in time for the 1997 certification test. Amid a myriad of challenges, he set a new standard for service to ALCC. The individuals listed below have received the Garvey Person of the Year Award.

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2021 Charlene Chacon
2020 Troy Sibelius
2019 Patrick O'Meara
2018 Kim Jewell

2017 Lyle Fair
2016 Michael Womochil
2015 Kelly Gouge
2014 Philip Steinhauer, PLA
2013 Eric Moroski
2012 Zachary Johnson
2011 Karagene Burke
2010 Lyle Fair, CLT
2009 Mark Kramer
2008 Alison Peck 
2007 Debra Parker
2006 Zachary S. Johnson, CLT, CLP
2005 Bill Cary
2004 Lise Mahnke, CLT, CLIA
2003 Mark Fisher, CLT
2002 John Gibson, CLT
2001 Dan Komlo, CLT
2000 Fred Wheeler, CLT, CLP, CLIA
1999 Patricia A. Sherwood
1998 Philip Levy
1997 John Garvey, CLT

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