June 2018
Mike Ransom, ALCC president

Working in the green industry sometimes feels like we get through one challenge only to find another one looming. Many small businesses have an assortment of challenges, but--maybe because we work outside and have weather to contend with--ours seem especially difficult this year.

So many of us fought and lost sleep wondering whether or not we would get our H2B workers, while others did not get their workers at all. Those businesses have had to get creative about local staffing or even restructure their company. 

Now we are facing the potential for drought or, at the very least, voluntary water restrictions. Largely due to the drought of 2003, ALCC and our partners) worked to gather facts and understand how much water our industry consumes and what the benefit of our water use provides. The Hidden Value of Landscapes, a report by CSU researchers about the value communities receive from the 3% of total water use that goes toward landscaping, gives us facts around water consumption and the benefits. ALCC has made available to its members a rack card with information from the report. It can be inserted into invoices or used in marketing materials to educate consumers on the value that comes from the investment in keeping their landscapes healthy.

Just 3% - WOW! It is so great to have facts surrounding water consumption and the limited resource of water in Colorado. We are now empowered to spread this message about the benefits that 3% provide.

ALCC is also working to promote water conservation while reminding the public of the importance of maintaining a healthy landscape. In a period of drought, simply cutting off all outdoor water use could exacerbate the effects of drought by creating heat islands, runoff issues, and more. To promote responsible water use and conservation, ALCC is employing several tools.

  1. A targeted media campaign, beginning with releases for Memorial Day directed at consumers. Messaging includes:
    • A toolkit for consumers to conserve water and employ smart technology in the landscape
    • A reminder of the ROI of landscapes (using the CSU report referenced below) and keep landscapes healthy
    • How to hire a landscape professional and learn how to get the greatest benefits from the least water use
  1. Resources on saving water. GreenCO and ALCC developed tip sheets, videos and other resources for professionals and consumers alike regarding water conservation and best management practices for responsible water use. Additionally, resources are available via Denver Water and Colorado WaterWise’s “Colorado Water: Live Like You Love It” campaign. ALCC will share these resources at alcc.com/savewater and on social media channels to demonstrate ways to conserve outdoor water.
  2. The H2OregsCO app, a resource for landscape pros and homeowners alike, with information on watering regulations and other water-use- and landscape-related regulations for municipalities across Colorado. ALCC was a partner in the creation of this valuable resource—download it in your app store by searching H2OregsCO. ALCC is also offering assistance to municipalities and water providers interested in sharing their water regulations, rebates, and more via the app. The app is free to download, free to use, and free to water providers and cities that add their information.

Whether our challenges are H2B, state and local regulation, drought or being respected as professionals with a wealth of knowledge and passion for what we do every day, ALCC is working on short- and long-term solutions to our mutual challenges. Together we can overcome these challenges. We do have a larger voice together and have proven that we can and have been heard.

Stay safe and, with ALCC, keep working through our challenges.

Mike Ransom, Lifescape Colorado

ALCC President

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