December 2018

Mike Ransom, ALCC president

Tis the season, Happy Holidays everyone! As usual I have a lot on my mind. A whole bunch to be thankful for, challenges I like working through, celebrating, reflecting back about the year and--to be honest--I have really enjoyed writing these letters and being part of the ALCC board and serving as President this year. I admit it went too fast and I will miss this.

From my point of view being Prez isn’t presidential the way my kids think (though my wife still likes the kids saying she is the first lady). Unlike politics, it isn’t about power, control, recognition or being in charge. Simply put, board service is very rewarding. I love the sharing, mentoring – relationships that our industry and ALCC provides. You have heard this before, but I am only here because of everyone who came before me, helped me and encouraged me. If anything, I hope that I have fostered even a bit of mentoring, bringing us together and sharing to make us all better.

Behind the scenes, Cherie (part of our wonderful staff at ALCC) emails me every month as a reminder to get this letter in for publication. She also checks the letter for content, grammar – everything (thank you Cherie!). I also need to stick to a certain length. So, while I could write several pages thanking, reviewing, and celebrating here are some thoughts and highlights:

Thank you:

  • Our staff at ALCC works behind the scenes and is amazing at what they do. Thank you Melissa, Becky, Rachel, Cherie, Tammy, Lesley and of course John (thank you for your vision) – you are awesome!
  • We have a passionate, wonderful board at ALCC – thank you for your service, input and thoughts. You are all great to work with.
  • We couldn’t do what we do without our sponsors that help make all the events happen – thank you!
  • As members, you represent the professionalism we all strive for and your passion for what we do is inspiring. Without ALCC and you as members we would all be figuring it our for ourselves. The more of us there are, the bigger voice we have. Please recommend a company that you know to be a part of ALCC.

Celebrate what ALCC accomplished this year:

  • Thanks to our advocacy partnership with Accredited Snow Contractors Association, snow indemnification allows us all less risk.
  • An increased connection to our industry partners and advocacy.
  • ALCC continues to be an industry leader with expectations of Landscape Industry Certification and training with NALP
  • Baby steps, but progress with our continued H-2B voice.
  • Local progress with staffing and the Pathways and Emily Griffith initiatives.
  • Focus and progress on ALCC’s 5-year, 6-point strategic plan.
  • Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM) – a new unifying path forward
  • Greater membership renewal than last year
  • The thought that we are stronger and better together. What needs doing, we will get done.

I will be on the board next year as past president, and I hope to have many years in front of me in the industry to continue and develop more of the relationships I am fortunate to have thanks to my Lifescape team and support of family. My term is up but I am not out, so I hope to see you at ProGreen EXPO, the summer picnic and other ALCC events. I am excited about ALCC’s leadership in 2019 and I wish you all the very best!

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