Will PereiraSeptember 2017

A career in the landscape industry is extremely rewarding. I’ve known that for years, but not many people outside of our industry are aware of the opportunities that exist. Connecting those outsiders to new careers is an important goal of ALCC.

Nationally, landscape businesses are facing a 300,000-person shortfall. Here in Colorado, we have the lowest unemployment rate in the nation (2.3%)—further complicating the search for employees. Landscape is not the only industry in desperate need of more members, and we have to find ways to be heard among the many employers trying to get the attention of young people or adults who might be interested in a career change.

Additionally, there is still a stigma connected to pursuing a career that involves the outdoors or physical exertion. We can help to change those misperceptions by letting those outside the industry know how lucrative it can be, from an overall quality of life and job satisfaction standpoint, and from a financial standpoint as well.

As leaders in our industry, we need to be ambassadors for it, singing its praises at every opportunity. And those opportunities are many, from informal gestures (visiting career day at your child’s school, telling a young neighbor about your job) to more formal actions (teaching an irrigation session, mentoring a young person who just started their business).

I urge you to find those opportunities and help us get the word out about the countless benefits of working in the green industry. The Landscape Career Pathways program is always looking for successful ALCC members to speak with high school students, mentor peers who are new to landscape, and represent landscape professionals at public events. Contact ALCC at 303 757-5611 to get learn more.

Will Pereira, BrightView
ALCC President

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