August 2018
Mike Ransom, ALCC president

Several years ago a friend and I came up with the phrase, “Aprendemos Juntos”. In Spanish, it means we learn together. It has grown, and though not a direct translation, has come to mean we grow, work, learn, etc. together.

After 30 years of landscaping in Colorado, one thing I hear from the passionate people in our industry is that people are a big part of why we do what we do. Yes, we all enjoy working outside and creating and caring for landscapes but there are so many knowledgeable, hardworking character-driven people; it makes a big difference in what we do.

I know of countless stories of suppliers and vendors working late or on weekends to cover some emergency that has come up, rescuing the day. Whether its getting a rented piece of equipment out to a site with no notice so that a deadline could be met or solving a certain problem with a certain widget with no notice—even coming to a jobsite to install the certain widget.

Some of my favorite stories are of competing companies that help one another out of a ditch during a blizzard at 3am while pushing snow, or a maintenance company giving some gas for a competitor’s truck that ran out on the side of the road.

At a high level, that is what ALCC is working to do for all of it members. Fighting hard for H-2B, other options for our labor crisis like our Pathways program and Irrigation Certification through Emily Griffith. Drought and water issues are always looming. ALCC is bringing professionals together to make us all better.

Last month while writing the monthly letter we hit a high of 105, and  today our high is supposed to be around 78. Crazy! Temperatures, weather, water, labor…it can be a daunting list. As we work through the second half of our season and we start to get a bit tired but focused on taking care of clients, delivering quality and making money, enjoy the spirit of our industry. I encourage us all to help bring new members to ALCC; you and they will not regret it. We can do more and make more together.

Mike Ransom, Lifescape Colorado

ALCC President

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