October 2018

Mike Ransom, ALCC president

Wow, it is hard to believe it is October! Where did the year go? As a guy who personally loves fall: the leaves turn, fishing and camping is great, we have cooler temperatures and yes, I look forward to a break and planning for next year. The business guy in me wants more. Have I met my budget, what needs to be done, what is next? ALCC recognizes the seasonality of our industry and our need to maintain our businesses. How do we make a profit through the winter or work to minimize our loss?

If you are in the snow services business, you are busy signing contracts. Thanks to our advocacy partnership with Accredited Snow Contractors Association, you don’t have to worry about indemnification this year. Talk with your insurance agent and be careful of contract language.

I know snow services are a necessary evil—no one wants to get up at 2AM to go out in the cold—but it is what we do. At the same time, we should be thinking about what else will make us successful. Construction sells hardscape, maintenance sells mulch and lighting. I spoke with a company two years ago that did high-touch maintenance, and they decided to get into the auto detailing and window-cleaning business – Yahtzee!

For others, we work on controlling costs, keeping our key staff, investing in training and planning for next year. No one can predict what will come of H-2B in the upcoming year, though we are all working hard together to have a better year than last. At the same time, ALCC is working to find, integrate and attract our local workforce to better meet our needs. We need to talk with each other, share information, and work to solve mutual challenges. Together we are better than on our own.

Be safe, be profitable, work to have a plan and reach out to find the next best thing that works for you.

Mike Ransom, Lifescape Colorado

ALCC President

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