Conserve resources and save money

Did you know that some water providers offer incentives and rebates for purchasing and installing water-efficient appliances and/or water-wise plants?

Contact your water provider directly to ask about the latest available rebates and incentives for water-efficient upgrades for your home. Many also offer free audits to help you identify ways you can improve your water efficiency.

Below is a sampling of Colorado water providers and their available information about rebates or incentives for water efficiency. We hope to update this list as we learn of new programs (Got a tip? Share it with us at [email protected].) This list is not comprehensive, and links may change frequently. To find a landscape contractor who can help you develop a more water-wise landscape, use our member search.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a rebate finder for WaterSense-rated products:


Aurora Water:

Castle Pines:

Colorado Springs Utilities:

Denver Water:

Eagle River Water & Sanitation District:

Fort Collins Utilities:


Ken-Caryl Water & Sanitation District:

Northern Water: 

Parker Water:



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