Tip of the Week

Give your sprinkler system a tune-up

Much like any appliance in your home, sprinkler systems need a tune-up.

Efficient tune-ups may include:

*Running each sprinkler zone and looking for broken heads or dirty nozzles where the spray does not look consistent.

*Making sure that nozzles are not misaligned and spraying rocks or concrete instead of the lawn. Straighten any sprinkler heads that are leaning to the side.

*Make sure there is even drip irrigation while it is operating to be sure that emitters are not missing and to make sure all plants are getting water evenly.

*Look for leaks and puddles in the landscape. If you see this or a zone is not working properly, you may have a leak.

*Check to your sprinkler controller/time/clock are set up efficiently. Being able to modify the program is key to saving water.

*Replace the controller battery.

Don't forget to do seasonal adjustments as well. During the cooler Spring and Fall days, less water is needed than during the hottest summer days. Whether you make these adjustments yourself or use a Smart Controller, these tune-ups can result in substantial savings of both money and water.


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