Opportunities to get involved

Associations like ALCC are successful because of the many volunteer hours donated by its hardworking members. Opportunities to volunteer are wide and varied – from busy, standing committees that meet monthly to small, micro-volunteering opportunities.  Regardless of your abilities or available time, we have something for everyone. There are numerous advantages that come from volunteering your time and skills.  A few of these include honing leadership skills, developing lasting relationships and even helping to shape the future of the industry.  Get the most from your membership and volunteer today! 

Sign Up To Volunteer

Descriptions of our volunteer opportunities are below. To learn more and sign up to participate just email the ALCC staff member listed with the committee or call them at 303 757-5611. Most committees meet at least quarterly. Or simply complete and submit the Volunteer Sign Up form.

Certification Committee 
This group oversees testing for the Landscape Industry Certified Technician program, a national certification that ALCC administers in Colorado. The group manages all aspects of the test, including candidate preparation, test site set up and management, sponsorship and written tests. Contact Melissa Emdin

You might be right for this committee if you:

  • Are detail-oriented
  • Like routines and consistency
  • Like projects that have a specific deadline
  • Appreciate helping others with their professional growth

Chapter Leadership 
In six geographic areas around the state, chapter leadership works to provide local programming, networking and general membership connections. Contact us about leadership.

You might be right for chapter leadership if you:

  • Are outgoing and like parties and happy hour
  • Are a team player
  • Want to get to know more people in a smaller setting
  • Want to boost ALCC involvement where you live and work

Legislative Committee 
A joint ALCC/GreenCO committee, this group addresses statewide legislation and laws, and gives you the opportunity to represent the entire green industry before the state legislature. The committee crafts legislative strategies, analyzes bills in the legislature to determine support or opposition, and lobbies and/or testifies on behalf of the industry when needed. Contact John McMahon at 303 757-5611 or contact ALCC at [email protected].

 This committee is for people who:

  • Have an interest in politics and public policy
  • Are patient
  • Can analyze the big picture

Speakers Bureau 
This busy group of volunteers works on the public image of ALCC.  They help decide topics for press releases, serve as resources and spokespeople to the media (so, might be on TV or quoted in an article), work landscape/garden 'call in' shows, and present topics to garden clubs, HOAs and other groups who are looking for speakers on various landscape topics, from planting to water conservation. The overall goal of the group is to elevate the image of the industry and help set ALCC members apart as the true professionals. Contact Melissa Emdin.

Sign up for the Speakers Bureau if you:

  • Are creative
  • Like to work with the public and various media

State Board of Directors 
The state board is the foundation of the association's leadership, working for the membership of ALCC to oversee ongoing association operations and set and implement a strategic plan. Serving two-year terms, board members act as a unified leadership team for the association and are expected to actively and diligently represent the interests of ALCC members at the expense of other interests. Nominate someone to the board by contacting John McMahon.