Water: A Precious Resource

You become most aware of the rising price of water in this state when you maintain your outdoor spaces in the spring, summer and fall and then get the bill. ALCC members are successfully helping property owners find smart and creative ways to reduce their water consumption in order to exact money savings and not overuse this precious natural resource. 

While water is the lifeblood of any landscape, it can be a scarce commodity in Colorado. Drought cycles come and go regularly. With hundreds of water providers around the state, each uses different factors to decide what water restrictions or guidelines will be in place during the growing season. 

Visit the Green Industries of Colorado (GreenCO), our sister organization, to find Best Management Practices and other water conservation resources.  For the most up-to-the-minute information on wise water use, contact one of our member companies for an amazing array of great information on how to use and conserve water in your landscape.  Many cities have rebate programs for property owners who install water-conserving devices. To find out what rebates are available in your area, contact your local water provider or call 311. 

<span">For more advice from ALCC on conserving water in your landscape, read these tips. You can also read about the best low-water plants for your garden in the Plant Select guide.

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