Waterwise creates positive experiences for clients and employees Email
Written by Christy Eull   
Tuesday, November 22, 2022 02:00 AM

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 Waterwise creates positive experiences for clients and employees 

Waterwise Land & Waterscapes, Inc., Fort Collins, with its 100-plus-years of combined experience, serves a range or clients from small residential properties to million-dollar developments. The company provides landscape design, build, maintenance, construction and management services, and prides itself both on providing positive experiences for clients and valuing each crew member on every project.

When owner Lorin Bridger started his company in 2001, he had one truck, one small trailer and a lot of passion. His passion then and now is to improve people’s well-being with tailored environments. Bridger’s goal is to inspire other people’s passion for outdoor living by creating change through natural material projects.

Bridger’s company culture grew multi-fold from this passion. “As a company we care about each other,” he says. “We make it a priority to be sure all are enjoying their days while doing quality work. Our culture is one where we do right by each other to help make the quality of life, for our clients, better through landscape.

Waterwise wants to guide clients into landscapes that maximize use of natural resources, honor budgets, are creative and have a positive impact on people’s wellbeing. “We are creating ecologically minded projects” shares Bridger. 

Times are changing

“This is a hard job!” Bridger says. “Supplies of materials can be scarce, work can be unpredictable and outside temperatures are growing hotter. But through all this change we continue to thrive as a company. We enjoy working with people to design and build sustainable systems and try to improve local ecology through increasing environmental solid and efficient systems.

Most memorable project

Bridger was quick to share his favorite project the Pathways Children’s Garden Project. He explains that the Pathways Children’s Garden Project was designed to create a dream space where children and families going through loss could go to process emotions. Through collaboration with TFG Designs and Waterwise Land & Waterscapes, contractors were able to bring together a magical space. Faux concrete trees, a giant bird’s nest, life-like canyons, and other natural spaces were created to provide comforting spaces for these families.

The Pathways Garden project honored this team of contractors with a permanent sign at the top of the site called, Summit Shine. “We are truly honored to have participated in this space,” states Bridger.

Waterwise Land & Waterscapes prides themselves on positive experiences with clients and values each project they work on. The company plans and builds for the future of the business and its employees. See the article in Colorado Green.


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