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Monday, April 25, 2022 01:00 AM

Colorado Green Now

And we are back! After a 2-year hiatus, due to COVID, ALCC is back on Channel 9 News beginning April 22! Every Friday, ALCC will be a part of the 9NEWS backyard garden segments airing at 4:20 p.m.

This regular weekly segment and partnership gives us a chance to create a sustainable landscape at the Channel 9 station. We will be highlighting ALCC, and its members and leadership as industry experts in all things related to sustainable landscape design, installation and maintenance.

One of ALCC’s 2022 initiatives is to promote the Water Education Colorado campaign, Water’22 with water savings tips. Minor changes can have a significant impact. ALCC will continue to share water-saving messages for consumers, such as to continue planting drought tolerant plants. On April 22, ALCC expert Adam Thompson, from Brightview Landscape Services, provided tips for water-wise planning and planting.

As Thompson shared with 9News viewers, “What we want to do is reduce evapotranspiration while keeping plants and turf happy and healthy.”

Make sure your company’s sustainable messaging includes these basics to reduce water use and evaporation:

  • Water in the morning or after dusk.
  • Check your irrigation system for leaks, adjust heads to avoid spraying hard surfaces and adjust run times to avoid runoff.
  • Use a rain sensor that will shut off your system when it is raining.
  • Convert all spray heads to rotary nozzles.
  • Use drip irrigation for plant beds and make sure to cover with a layer of mulch.”

Topics consumers can look forward to on these 9NEWS segments will include tips for planting trees for the cooling effect of shade and to reduce carbon emissions, using drip emitters and other summer irrigation techniques, weeding and summertime pruning/maintenance best practices, as well as how to fire-proof your landscape, minimize tree diseases and ailments, clean up the veggie garden and more!

Showtime on Channel 9 News is Fridays at 4:20 PM.
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