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Wednesday, October 12, 2022 02:00 AM

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CNGA women in horticulture luncheon

On Oct. 6, the 2022 CNGA Women in Horticulture Luncheon took place at the Denver Botanic Gardens. This event is a wonderful tradition to celebrate women in the green industry. More than 174 people registered for this event. 

There was plenty of networking and a wonderful lunch buffet was served accompanied by wine. There were also gifts and door prizes for all. This was the perfect social event to attend and a great reward for employees who have helped CNGA achieve another successful year.
Following lunch, a panel of women spoke on their stories of success in the horticulture industry.  At the conclusion of the luncheon, attendees be able to stroll through the beautiful and always changing Denver Botanic Gardens!


Luncheon Speakers:


Mandy Gerace, CGG, Syngenta Flowers

Mandy grew up in the greenhouse industry. Since 2007, she worked at Welby Gardens in Sales, Production and Marketing and then joined Syngenta Flowers in 2020 as an RNS Account Manager. Syngenta is global leader in sustainable flower production, thanks to their expertise in advanced genetics and breeding. They are a leader of the Women in Hort movement with their employee group, Syngenta Women in Flowers Team (SWIFT). Mandy is currently the president of the CNGA Board of Directors.

Lindsay Squires, Tagawa Gardens
Lindsay was named Green Profit Young Retailer of the Year in 2020. She says - “Daily business operations present untold challenges and complexities, but to keep from losing traction in the minutia, it is so important to me to keep alive a strong vision of why our shared work matters, how it betters the lives of real people and what it meaningfully creates in our communities.”  She is passionate about the topic of garden centers being seen as community centers.

Bridget Blomquist, Denver Botanic Gardens
Bridget is an Associate Director of Horticulture & Curator and has worked at DBG for over 8 years, moving from a horticulturist on the staff to her current position. She designs and implements the All-American Selection Garden and was instrumental in the redesign of the new Perennial Walk. She was CNGA Person of the Year in 2018.


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