Colby Woodvine receives MVP ELITE Award Email
Written by Colorado Green NOW   
Tuesday, December 13, 2022 02:00 AM

Colorado Green Now

Colby Woodvine is a surveyor at Phase One Landscapes, Inc. The company upgraded its technology in surveying, utilizing a Top Con LN-150 instrument. This made the survey operations a one-person job – that one person was Woodvine. He’s anchored every survey that came in this year.  

This task is even more daunting because Phase One’s average project size had increased, and Woodvine has been very busy gathering data and making base plans. The job is grueling and isolating, but he helped Phase One meet goals halfway through this year. In addition, Woodvine also does the 3D modeling and hand renders graphics.  

Phase One says Woodvine leads by example. He sets the tone in the Monday Morning Meeting – where he learns what surveys, models, or renderings he is assigned for the week and prioritizes them. He never complains about increased workload and gets the job done. He’s a key ingredient in Phase One’s recipe for success. 

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