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Tuesday, January 20, 2015 10:00 PM


Measure your company's growthA new year is a new start. What you do in the next 12 months will determine where you are this time next year. Where do you want to go in terms of operations and efficiency, safety, business management, marketing and environmental stewardship?

As the saying goes, you won’t know how far you’ve come until you know where you started. To chart progress, we need benchmarks to know those starting points. Where are we right now and where do we want to go?

Some improvements and changes may be urgent and strategic. Others would be nice to address someday, but not right now. The ALCC Landscape Company Self Audit is an industry-specific tool to help companies assess key operations, information and systems efficiency within the company. Through the audit process you will get benchmarks to determine what you are:

  • Always doing
  • Sometimes doing
  • Not doing yet 
  • Don’t care to do

For example, do you have written health and safety policies? Do you have sufficient training programs in place? Do you have dedicated staff to deal with customer service issues? You will answer questions like these in five key business areas based on those “always, sometimes or not doing yet” categories. Seeing your answers on paper will give you and your team current benchmarks that will in turn become the starting point to guide your next steps.

The audit process will guide you through five management categories:

  • Business operations
  • Safety practices
  • Customer relations
  • Community relations & marketing
  • Environmental stewardship

Use the Self Audit as a training and engagement tool for your team. It provides an objective resource for working together to develop a game plan for the year based on consensus of the group’s top priorities. Download the ALCC Landscape Company Self Audit now and get a productive start on the year ahead.

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