What’s new in 2015 for ALCC’s Job Fair? Email
Tuesday, January 20, 2015 05:00 PM


Landscape Industry Job FairIndustry job fairs are a key resource for finding people with experience and others looking for a new career. This year, ALCC is taking 5 new tactical steps to attract these job seekers to member organizations and to a great industry.

Here are 5 important changes that are new this year:

#1 – Targeted advance outreach through existing Veterans’ organizations will reach Vets and let them know the first hour of the Job Fair is devoted to them exclusively. Vets value teamwork and doing what it takes to get a job done. We will honor their service and showcase opportunities in an industry based on teamwork.

#2 – Radio La Tricolor 96.5 is the number 1 Spanish radio station in Denver. ALCC’s ads will promote the job fair to their listeners.

#3 – Employers will be able to review resumes in advance. This year, through our partnering sponsor, Denver Office of Economic Development, job seekers will be encouraged to submit resumes prior to the event. Employers will be able review resumes and schedule ahead of time to meet with candidates during the job fair.

#4 – Partnership with Denver Office of Economic Development will also increase promotion channels and widen our reach among job seekers. The ALCC Job Fair is the only industry-specific job fair Denver Workforce Center is sponsoring during the first quarter—and that’s elite status we value.

#5 – Advance online registration will capture job seeker data for ongoing contact via Denver Workforce Center.

The 2nd Annual ALCC Job Fair is a benefit solely for ALCC members to help you recruit for the 2015 Landscape Season. Register today and get a head start on the hiring season.

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