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Monday, June 12, 2023 12:00 AM

Colorado Green Now

Joelle Martinez, president and CEO of the Latino Leadership Institute (LLI), was the keynote speaker at ProGreen EXPO 2023. She confessed to loving data and statistics for their ability to measure – well, most anything. Martinez opened by reminding the audience of a key outcome of the U.S. 2022 census – the U.S. is a nation of minorities. While that may not be surprising for some, she stated that Latinos, as a proportion of the nation’s population is expected to rise from its current nearly 20% to about 30% within less than 30 years. 

In Colorado the trend is more pronounced. The Latino population is expected to reach 33% in less than 20 years. The most recent data presented by LLI states that about 70 % of Colorado’s population is non-Latino white, and by 2040 this white population will decline to 55%. Of note, Latinos in Colorado are younger – the median age is 27 compared to 42 for non-Latino whites.  

What does this growing Latino demographic mean for the landscape industry?  

Though most companies look to fill crew-member positions as each season starts, one key takeaway from the presentation was the huge gap of Latino leaders in the workforce compared to their presence in the workforce 

Where is a gap, there is opportunity. Isn’t opportunity the flipside of a gap? Looking beyond filling feet-on-the-ground landscape crews, there is immense potential for tapping into this growing population to fill management and leadership positions within industry 

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