Legislative priorities emerging for 2022 Email
Written by Hicks & Associates   
Monday, January 24, 2022 03:00 AM

Colorado Green Now

The 2nd Regular Session of the 73rd General Assembly convened on January 12th, 2022. A few of the priorities that were addressed by leadership in both chambers and by the Governor were focusing on affordable housing, funding education, addressing the behavioral health crisis, public safety, and workforce development. With it being an election year, we may not see as many controversial issues this session but there still won’t be a lack of issues that ALCC and other GreenCO members will be engaged on.

 GreenCO’s legislative priorities continue to address multiple areas. Water is not only a priority for the green industry but the General Assembly as well. Workforce Development will again be a big issue that will try to be addressed this session, as not only the green industry but the entire state’s workforce has a massive shortage. ALCC and other GreenCO members will stay engaged on all matters concerning industry regulations and business practices, as we expect there will be legislation to address both, including legislation pertaining to pesticides.

As the session starts to go full steam ahead, ALCC will have to continue to be engaged, to comment on issues, offer constructive options and work diligently to promote sound policy to ensure success.

Here we go!

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