Happy 60th ALCC! Email
Written by Colorado Green NOW   
Monday, January 24, 2022 02:00 AM
Colorado Green Now

At our 50th birthday in 2012, we were talking about moving from manual typewriters to texting. At our 60th, we are engaged in the unimaginable of 1962—the “virtual” world of offices, meetings and more. And when not being virtual, we are all masked up trying to beat COVID without seeing the smiles or frowns on each other’s faces.

Yet throughout 60 years of evolutions, ALCC has excelled as a grassroots organization grounded in service—both puns intended. Even with 1 to 8 staff guiding the organization, you “grassroots/grounded” volunteers, who share a passion for your careers and service to your industry, have consistently done the critical work.

 As staff, your editors and the ones who exist to serve YOU—we thank you for innovative ideas that bring us to work every day. We are inspired by all you give of your time, your talent and your resources to make Colorado more beautiful and sustainable and industry businesses more successful. We celebrate YOUR association’s 60th birthday with gratitude and appreciation.

Happy 60th ALCC!

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