volunteer service awards

Each year, ALCC recognizes special industry members who go beyond ‘normal’ volunteer service. You may nominate someone worthy of this prestigious award by submitting the completed form to [email protected]. The award nomination deadline is December 1 of each year, and award recipients are honored in the spring of the following year at the awards event.

Mike LemanBob Cannon Lifetime Achievement Award

The Bob Cannon Award is ALCC's version of the "Lifetime Achievement Award."  Established in 1978, it honors individuals for their longtime service, commitment, loyalty, dedication and contribution to the landscape industry and ALCC.  This is someone who is recognized as having improved the professional image of the landscape industry. 

The current Bob Cannon Lifetime Achievement Award honors Mike Leman of Singing Hills Landscape in Aurora 



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Lyle FairJohn Garvey Person of the Year Award

Established in 1997, the Garvey award is ALCC’s “Person of the Year.” It was named after John Garvey, CLT, in honor of his contributions and leadership in building the permanent CLT test site in time for the 1997 certification test. Amid a myriad of challenges, he set a new standard for service to ALCC.  


This year, the John Garvey Person of the Year Award honors Lyle Fair of All Phase Landscaping in Aurora.


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Dustin HamiltonOutlook Award for Emerging Leaders

The Outlook award represents “up and comers” in the landscape industry and ALCC and who are not yet 40 years old. He/she must make a significant contribution to the industry, his/or company and/or ALCC, in a volunteer or leadership capacity.  The Outlook recipient is thought to have a bright future in the industry and ALCC. 


The current Outlook Emerging Leader Award recognizes Dustin Hamilton of Sunflower Landscapes in Colorado Springs.



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Stanley E. Brown Associate Member Distinguished Service Award

Moe Mosley of Moe-mentum and Hellman & Associates

Established in 2008, the Brown award is presented to an individual associate member who has helped make the industry more professional, or promoted professionalism to the public and other industry stakeholders, has held a variety of volunteer positions in ALCC, is known for outstanding association service and the contribution of ideas, programs, and/or educational endeavors and who has been a loyal supporter of ALCC and Colorado’s landscape industry.

This year, the Stanley Brown Associate Member Distinguished Service Award honors Moe Mosley of Moe-mentum and Hellman & Associates.


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