Water ‘22 – “It all starts here” Email
Written by Colorado Green NOW   
Tuesday, May 24, 2022 02:00 AM

Colorado Green Now

In the face of drought and climate change and to ensure Colorado has enough water to meet all the needs of today and the future, Water Education Colorado has spearheaded Water ’22, a year-long water education campaign lead by @watereducationCO that asks Coloradans to make a pledge to reduce their water consumption by 22 gallons (or more) each day.

Simple actions can save at least 22 gallons per person per day. According to the numbers, if every Coloradan saved 22 gallons a day for a year, the savings translate to 150,000 acre-feet or the volume of Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins! Small changes help stretch our scarce water supplies and help preserve our agriculture, parks and open space, fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, drinking water and industrial and commercial sectors.

Water ’22 calls upon all Coloradans to work together to ensure clean water is available to support the state’s water uses.

Beyond each individual, we have a duty within the green industry to be good stewards of water. One of the ways ALCC is helping support this campaign is with its Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM) program, which educates landscape professionals in the public and private sectors about sustainable, water-conserving landscape management principles.

ALCC is ensuring the landscape industry is part of the solution by reducing outdoor irrigation needs while keeping landscapes healthy and providing environmental benefit.

Tips to help pledge to reduce water consumption in ’22:

  1. Install “smart” technology that saves water outdoors. Use smart irrigation controllers that communicate with moisture sensors and rain shutoff devices.
  2. Install a dedicated meter for your landscape to monitor water and help identify leaks.
  3. Give your sprinkler system a checkup.
  4. Irrigate according to need.
  5. Water for the need of the plant.  
  6. Water outdoor plants early or late in the day.
  7. Capture water from Mother Nature – use a rain barrel to catch the rainwater.
  8. Design smart to save on water. Directing water through a landscape can help to filter the water.
  9. Select plants with low water requirements. Using appropriate plants reduces the need for fertilizers.
  10. Group plants together based on their similar water requirements.
  11. Never overplant - plants to close together will not get equal amounts of water.
  12. Use Xeriscape principles.
  13. Mulch to reduce evaporation.
  14. Water only when needed. Test the soil before adding more water.
  15. Prune using proper techniques to strengthen the plant.
  16. When mowing, maintain grass to a height of three inches and avoid cutting more than 1/3 of its total height.
  17. Leave grass clippings on the lawn after mowing to recycle nutrients.
  18. Aerate your lawn.
  19. Maintain yard plants – water, manage weeds and pests, prune, mulch and fertilize.
  20. Make effective use of hardscapes such as walkways, patios, arbors, walls, and other features.
  21. Wash your pet outdoors – this gets your pet clean, and your lawn watered.
  22. Re-adjust the timer on your irrigation system. Older plants need less watering.

Use the hashtag #Water22 to pledge to engage in 22 ways to Care for Water in 2022.