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Written by Frank Kinder   
Tuesday, January 24, 2023 01:00 AM

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Growing Water Smart Workshop available to create water resilience

By Frank Kinder, Northern Water

Growing Water Smart is an innovative workshop that aims to integrate land use and water planning at the community level, which means cities, counties and districts. It was developed to bring together municipal staff, elected officials, and key stakeholders to break down silos and empower communities to collaboratively work towards creating water resilience goals and the steps to meet them. Ultimately, a community’s team of 5-7 individuals will leave the workshop with a detailed action plan and a commitment to take action in order to ensure their community has a sustainable water future. Northern Water helps fund and facilitate to help the state achieve the Colorado Water Plan. The landscape industry is crucial to this future and frequently benefits from the programs cities and districts implement upon completion.

The workshop is up to six teams of staff, elected officials, and other representatives from communities. After the workshop, these six teams will join the ranks of other cities across the state who have completed Growing Water Smart. This video from past Northern Water participants shows the value they found working together.  Get the application details here and apply by March 1st for this no-cost workshop and follow-up support. There is no charge to participate.

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