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Monday, April 24, 2023 12:00 AM

Colorado Green Now

What does it take to stand out as an environmentally savvy community while saving water and money? ALCC is inviting communities to join the Sustainable Landscape Community (SLC) initiative. With ongoing drought increasing the strain on local and national water supplies, ALCC created the SLC initiative to demonstrate how larger water users can become part of the solution.

The SLC designation recognizes HOAs, master-planned communities, and retail and commercial properties for incorporating landscape practices that save water. SLC is based upon best management practices in landscape maintenance. By using water-conserving, sustainable landscape management (SLM) guidelines, large water users can systematically reduce water consumption while maintaining plant health. These guidelines also encourage the use of plants indigenous to, and/or acclimated to Colorado that can thrive in our harsh, dry climate. Centerra in Loveland is the first community in Colorado to receive ALCC’s SLC designation. 

Now is the time to answer the call to action. Collaborate in Colorado’s Water Plan and learn more about the Sustainable Landscape Community program at

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