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Wednesday, July 27, 2022 02:00 AM

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Drought is no stranger in Colorado and as we move into the hot summer months, water remains top-of-mind for both homeowners and commercial property managers when it comes to keeping landscapes healthy while not wasting water.

More than 60% of naturally flowing water leaves the state and of the 40% remaining, landscapes use only 3% of Colorado’s water. CSU research states the benefits from that 3% are tremendous. Quality landscapes increase property value, reduce temperatures, absorb carbon dioxide emissions and more. The message for all is to preserve this limited resource by thoughtfully installing and maintaining landscapes that will thrive in our harsh climate.

Conserving water is good business

Irrigation equipment supply companies have stayed at the forefront of water conservation for many years as drought persists in Colorado and other western states. Their leadership in drought mitigation has been persistent. By far, it precedes Jan. 1, 2021, the date when Colorado legislation went into effect mandating that all sprinkler spray bodies sold must be pressure regulated and perform to water efficiency criteria specified by EPA WaterSense.

Even before legislatures and regulatory agencies nationwide called for more efficient water use, irrigation equipment manufacturers were already designing products to meet or exceed mandates.

Irrigation supply companies are the conduit to green industry companies who install and maintain irrigation equipment for their customers’ landscapes. Vendor equipment innovations coupled with supplier support— and their backup resources—ensure that irrigation done right is a win for businesses and the environment.

The caveat

Colorado Green reached out to four local suppliers for their insights on managing water during what may be a water-challenged season. Each person interviewed echoed the same caution: To function optimally, components must be installed and operated properly. This is precisely why staying on top of innovative products and selling them to customers is not the endgame.

Training and hands-on management determine success when it comes to effective and efficient irrigation, and water conservation. This is why, without exception, supply companies provide education and training— in various formats—for their customers who are predominantly landscape contractors. But some suppliers serve homeowners as well. Done properly, waterwise irrigation saves the day and trained irrigation technicians are superstars in the landscape industry.

Offering more than irrigation supplies

There’s more if landscape contractors need it. Beyond product and installation training, some suppliers invest in their customers’ success with training in marketing, safety and OSHA compliance, and other business-related support. So, beyond providing solutions to mitigate drought, suppliers also help build industry companies. Read the complete article in the July/August issue of Colorado Green magazine.

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