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Wednesday, December 22, 2021 04:00 AM

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Anne Campbell (Co-owner and operations manager, Colorado Stoneworks Landscaping) says she got into the landscape industry “by accident” and now having been in it since 2007, she is committed. During 2006 when the company was founded, she was working full-time elsewhere while helping evenings and weekends at Colorado Stoneworks. The company needed more help in 2007 and when the “then owners” asked her to consider joining, she said yes, but only as an owner, not an employee. She bought in and later that year married Jon Campbell, one of the original two partners. Since becoming co-owner, Campbell, who loves learning, continues to educate herself in numerous ways.

Her thoughts on her career experience:

Gender disparity
I have noticed that vendors, who can give perks to companies—like event tickets—offered them to my husband, not me. To them, I was considered ‘the wife’ even though we are equal partners/owners. After 14 years, I’ve noticed that some of the assumptions about women are generational. Some of the companies in business for many years longer than us have older owners who can make assumptions about the roles of women. They ask, ‘Do you do design? Are you admin?’ These kinds of assumptions are still out there, but not so much with the younger business owners. I don’t feel slighted by it. People come from different generations and have different experiences in life. When I explain what I do, and my education and involvement in the industry, I start to earn their respect. Typically, when I work with others and they see what I can do, the relationships are fine. There is nothing ‘off.’

Most of my mentors are men probably because most members in the ALCC’s Southern Chapter are men. There don’t seem to be many woman managers/owners in the Colorado Springs area. As I’ve gotten more involved at the state level, I have met more women owners in the Denver area and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them. ProGreen is good for networking with women but here’s been a hiccup with COVID.

We have good relationships with some more established companies in the area that have taken us under their wing. When you’re running your own business, it’s hard. Sometimes you’re trying to find your own way and it’s helpful to have these relationships. We can learn from mistakes they have made before we make them.

Women, especially those in the field, have to prove themselves to the men. You’ll have to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable and capable. You’ll have to prove you’re worthy of being here. Be confident in your knowledge, your voice and in who you are. If this is what you want to do, just dive in. People—men—will come around. Get the skills and knowledge you need if you want to succeed in the industry, whether starting your own company or being hired as an employee.

Benefits of women in the industry

Women are often better at multitasking and have better attention to detail. There are benefits in customer service and client interactions to the softness or femininity of women. Women tend to have a calmer demeanor and can be better at defusing situations.

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