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Wednesday, December 22, 2021 02:00 AM

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Kim Jewell (General manager, Snow Management Services/GroundMasters) came to the industry because she had family in the business who needed someone with Jewell’s skills in marketing, sales and operations. And she prefers working outside more than at a desk. The industry sucked her in and she is both self-taught and continues to learn at every opportunity. “Learning and training is vital.”

Her thoughts on her industry experience:

Gender disparity
Prior to joining GroundMasters in 2000, I worked in another industry dominated by men—transportation. Most women were in human resource roles or admin roles, while I was in sales and marketing. After 15 years I couldn’t break through the glass ceiling. As the top-selling female in the western U.S., I made less than my male colleagues. After 15 years, I took my talent with me and moved to the landscape industry where any individual—male or female—who is willing to work hard and learn has endless possibilities.

Several mentors from the tree service companies helped me learn trees, pests and diseases. They are like brothers to me.

Clients have taught me their world and through this I could see how value comes from our organization to provide solutions to their needs.

Advice to women
Don’t be afraid of landscape and snow removal industries. Take a leap of faith. It’s worth it.

Men can teach you, and you’ll find you can teach them by offering balance to the organization. You’ll end up with more brothers than you thought possible.

Benefits of women in industry
Realize that 90% of decision-makers are women which includes decisions on landscape and snow removal. Women relate to women. If an organization doesn’t have a female in at least one sales/marketing role in their company they are truly missing the mark.

A man can be successful at sales, but a woman will always have the upper hand on this because growing a business is not about ‘sales,’ it’s about building relationships and partnerships. If you cannot find common ground and be relatable it does put you at a disadvantage.

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